Coordinator: Associate Professor Rosario Hubert (Language and Culture Studies)

The Latin American studies minor explores the cultures of the Spanish-speaking Latin America as well as the United States. It places emphasis on developing linguistic abilities in Spanish and knowledge of Latin America from different disciplines across the curriculum. The minor consists of six courses, distributed across three distinct disciplines, one of which is a “capstone” course, involving a writing assignment that draws upon knowledge gained in other courses taken for the minor.

Students will work with the minor coordinator to determine the most coherent and beneficial series for courses leading to the capstone experience. No more than three courses may be taken in one field. Students can fulfill 2 credits with 2 courses taken at a study away program in any approved program in Spanish-speaking Latin America or the Caribbean. Students must earn a C- or better in each course counted towards the minor.

Course requirements:

  • 2-3 Spanish courses from the Hispanic Studies program beyond the HISP 201 level.
  • 2-3 courses about Latin America from outside the Hispanic studies program, in social sciences, humanities, and/or the arts. Courses must be distributed among separate departments.
  • A capstone course with extended research paper that integrates the experience of this academic program in the form of a research project, an internship in the Hartford area conducted in English and Spanish, or a 300-level course related to Latin America. Written work in the capstone experience may be in English or Spanish, to be decided with the minor coordinator.

Hispanic studies and international studies majors with a Caribbean and Latin American studies concentration are not eligible for this minor.